DIY Spinning Top Life Counter


divining diy lifecounter model painting sensei's top
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 Modular: Keep adding as many number wheels as you like.

• Customizable: The top is made from a soft resin which can be cut and filed allowing you to remodel the plastic to your liking.

 Thematic: What’s your favourite guild? Want an Izzet top? How about something unique like a poison counter?

 Inspired by the powerful artifact Sensei's Divining Top

 Actually spins!

 3D printed with PLA/PHA.

 Printed on demand.

Standard Package Contents

 One white, unassembled top which includes: 2 number wheels, 1 divider, 1 cap, 1 tip, 1 tail and 1 connector (7 pieces).

Recommended tools

• Model paints, metal file, knife, sandpaper

Note: You will need glues and paints to assemble and create your top. For more information go here.